3 Reasons Why Pressure and Leak Testing are Important

There are many ways to test for the quality of manufactured items, and pressure and leak testing are two of the most essential tests a product can go through. Here are a few reasons why leak and pressure testing should be a very important part of your quality control process.

1. Ensure Quality Components

Not only do leak and external pressure testing rule out any possible issues with the final product, but they also help manufacturers to know whether or not their component supplier is providing the quality required for the end result. It’s also a good way to determine whether your assembly process is sticking to guidelines and isn’t sacrificing quality for a better turnaround rate.

2. Prevent False Failure

It’s important to leak and pressure test all components of a product, right down to the connectors and seals. Neglecting to test each component can lead to false failure – when an entire product fails inspection due to one minor component malfunctioning. This can set back production enormously, so it’s important to ensure that all components have been tested before moving on to the next phase.

3. Meeting Specifications

And last but not least, performing leak and pressure tests are going to ensure that your final product meets the standards and specifications required. These specifications can sometimes seem a bit extreme or overbearing, but they’ve been put in place to ensure that anyone working with this product is going to be safe.

In addition, undetected leaks can lead to huge, expensive issues down the road that is simply not worth the time saved by skipping important steps of the quality control process. Quality control exists to keep everyone safe and to guarantee that products remain up to a certain standard. Without it, the manufacturing process would be hectic and incredibly unsafe.

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