Common Items Pawn Shops are Likely to Buy

Have you ever found yourself in a financial fix where you need some quick money? The first question that comes to mind is where you can get a loan. There are several financing options you can go with, including personal loans or payday loans. Another practical option is pawning an item you have. Pawn shops are becoming popular for anyone that wants quick cash and has valuable items. The process is also short, and you get the money immediately. However, if you have never pawned something before, you may be asking yourself what items a pawn shop can buy. Listed below are some of the most common items a pawn shop is likely to accept.


When it comes to electronics, the list is extensive. It includes laptops, cell phones, tablets, cameras, TVs, surround sound systems, and DVD players. All these can be pawned. However, it is also up to the shop owner’s choice, as they can decide what to buy and what not to. For instance, one may decide not to take a more than five-year-old TV. Some may even limit it to three years. For DVD players, many people hardly use them nowadays, so that is 50/50. If they have had several customers coming to ask for them, they will not mind buying one from you. Basically, if they see that you are pawning an item they can sell for more than what they are loaning you, then they will take it. But since electronics are always evolving, you will have to talk to a pawnshop clerk first to know what is allowed and what is not.


Another commonly pawned item all over the world is jewelry. Note that pawnshops like getting jewelry, especially if made of gold. It is considered an investment because even if you do not come back to get it, the pawnshop clerk can simply sell it to other people or places that buy and melt-down gold. If you have any pieces of jewelry like gold chains, bronze earrings, silver trinkets, or diamond rings and you have a financial emergency, these are items you can quickly pawn off.

Old Watches or Coins

You may be wondering how pawn shops work and whether they will accept old items such as coins. People who have worked with pawn shops before will tell you that old coins and watches are also big sellers. This is because there are people who are coin collectors. If you have a rare currency coin from another country, you can earn a good amount of money from it. Other people like collecting old watches. When you have these two items in your home, you can make money by pawning them.

Sports Equipment

You may have invested in sports equipment in the past that you no longer use today. If you are urgently in need of cash, you can pawn them. This includes fishing gear, golf clubs, paintball guns, crossbows, and knives. In fact, autographed sporting equipment will get you some good prices.

Music Instruments

Musical instruments are costly, and, in most cases, most people do not use them for their entire lives. That is what makes them such good items for pawning. The good thing about pawn shops is that as long these instruments are in good shape, they will give you a loan with no credit check or delays.

If you have any of the items mentioned above and are looking for a quick loan, then a pawn shop is your go-to place. To get back these items, you will only need to pay back the money you borrowed. However, if you fail to return the money within the stipulated period, the pawnshop clerk can resell those items.

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