Getting the Right Photo Angles in Selling My Car Online in Charlotte NC

Selling a car online is the most popular way of selling a car in Charlotte, NC these days and with the vast array of options out there to list your car to specialized auto sales websites, there’s no shortage of potential buyers. But with so many cars and listings out there, how do you make sure a buyer sees everything they need to in your car’s online pictures? It all starts with the angles. Today we’ll be going over why it’s so important to show your car from multiple angles to give the buyer what they need and to help you sell your car fast.

The Importance of Presentation

Presentation is everything when selling anything online. Your car could be flawless, but if the picture doesn’t do it justice, buyers won’t be interested in seeing it for themselves. This is where showing your car at the correct angles comes into play. Showing a car from various angles gives the buyer a well-rounded idea of everything your car has to offer.

Exterior Features

When selling a car, first impressions always count. When taking photos of the exterior of your car, always try and highlight its best features. Always take a front view of the car to allow the buyer to have an idea of the whole overall look of the car. Then, try to take photos of the sides of the car to show off its nice profile. Remember to zoom in on the car to highlight any distinctive features that make your car stand out from the crowd, such as alloy wheels or flame-designed paintwork!

Show off the Interior Features

The inside of your vehicle is what the buyer will spend majority of the time viewing it. Make sure to leave a lasting impression by taking quality interior shots. Same rules for interior shots as exterior; lighting and composition is key. Make sure to open all doors to let as much natural lighting in. Use a wide-angle lens to get a good shot of the entire interior. Some good features to highlight are the dashboard, seats, and any additional options your vehicle may have. Whether it’s a nice sound system or leather seats, be sure to take photos of those.

Under the Hood

The under the hood photos are important, but not as important as the exterior or interior photos. Nonetheless, taking good photos of the engine bay will give buyers the full picture of the overall condition of your car. When taking under the hood photos, think about presentation. You’ll want to clean out any trash or “junk” from the region, and try to showcase all the major parts of the engine bay, like the engine, battery, and oil or coolant reservoirs. Showing a clean engine bay will give buyers piece of mind, and let them know that your car was properly maintained and taken care of. Who wants to buy a pig in a poke?

Special Features

Every car has something that makes it stand out from the rest—be it a convertible roof, a panoramic sunroof, or state-of-the-art safety technologies. Highlight your used car’s special features through the photos you post to catch your potential buyer’s eye. If your car has a unique feature that makes it better than other similar cars in the market, highlight that as well. For instance, if your car has a built-in navigation system or heated front seats, take photos of these features and post them on your online car listing.

Create a Strong Overall Visual Impact

Above all, remember that your photos should ultimately create a strong overall impression that will leave a lasting memory in the mind of your potential buyers. So look out for details such as framing, composition and lighting to make sure that your photos are visually pleasing and professional looking. If necessary, hire a professional photographer or get a high quality camera to guarantee that your photos will make a great impression compared to your competitors.

In summary, taking appropriate photo angles when selling your car online in Charlotte, NC is a crucial step in attracting potential buyers. If you make your vehicle look better than the rest, then there are higher chances that you will snare the interest of more buyers and ultimately achieve your goal of selling the car. If you adhere to the tips given in this article, then you are in the safest position to sell your car fast and for money.


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