Great Ideas for Green Business Ventures

People are becoming more aware of protecting our planet and business-savvy people can take advantage of this by starting green businesses. Gardens for small spaces and selling eco–friendly cleaning products are just two ideas for environmentally conscious people that want to make a difference. Also, there are innovative ideas such as selling compostable and renewable coffee cups for innovative and entrepreneurial minds.

Green Business Ideas

Gardens for small spaces – there is an increasing interest in having a home garden where to grow one’s own fruits and vegetables. By doing this, people avoid eating products that have pesticides and other harmful chemicals. A person can own a business that provides services for people interested in having a garden–parks, which are small collections of seeded plant trays that fit even in small balconies and allow people to grow their own vegetables. On a larger scale, they can specialize in rooftop garden installations. A similar idea is to develop a green business that focuses on products that will help people grow their own food, such as greenhouses suitable for residential homes or ecological pest controls.

Providing eco-friendly cleaning products – as people become more aware of the damage that some cleaning products do to the environment, they are choosing eco-friendly alternatives. Selling these products could work well as an e-commerce business. In the same vein, a green cleaning business could also be considered as people with an environmental conscience will prefer someone who provides a service that does not harm the environment. This type of service gives the owner a competitive edge.

Lately, most of the best online casino platforms have come up with green business ideas. They are offering eco-friendly products with the sign-up and also as a bonus.

Green Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is a business person, but the opposite isn’t necessarily true. An entrepreneur initiates, conceptualizes, and materializes a business process that is entirely unique. They can also adopt a business, expand it, partner with someone, or work in cooperation with other people to get a business to be fruitful. Here are some green concepts ready for that from Springwise, a company that scans the world for smart new business ideas to inspire entrepreneurial minds.

For coffee cup distributors, Planetware offers disposable coffee cups and lids that are fully compostable and renewable. PLAnet cups are made using forest-friendly paper and they’re also lined with biofilm instead of petroleum-based plastic. The lids are made from biodegradable plant-derived material and are fully compostable as well. The printing on PLAnet cups is done with water-based ink in order to reduce the number of chemicals used.

GiveMeTap allows people to refill their water bottles free of charge at participating cafés, bars, and restaurants. This company was founded to help address the global water crisis. Consumers bring a bottle that they’ve bought and GiveMeTap uses 70 percent of the profits from the sales to fund independent water projects in regions where they’re most needed.

Tomorrow’s Green Businesses

Today many people are becoming aware of the importance of living green. Those interested in owning a business can specialize on rooftop garden installations as a way to contribute to the preservation of our planet. Another idea available is selling eco-friendly cleaning products or owning a cleaning company that only uses products that do not harm the environment. For entrepreneurial minds, ideas from providing compostable coffee cups to how to provide clean water to people that do not have it are available to adapt, expand, or give it a new, innovative spin. One only has to be creative.

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