Study On Online Buyers: There Are Four Types What Are They, Why Do They Buy?

Top Profiles of Online Buyers According to a Doofinder Study
A study carried out by Doofinder (a search engine for products and contents of online stores) has identified four profiles that define people who buy online. Find out which ones they are, also which of them you identify yourself and even more, what we can learn from each one!

As revealed by a survey conducted among online shoppers, there are four profiles of people who buy through the Internet: addicts, curious, hunter and disbelievers. It is true that online shopping is booming, it has its advantages and it is good to be able to take advantage of it. A good example of this is that out of every ten Spanish workers use their smartphone to make their purchases.

What Are The Study Data On Online Buyers

According to the study carried out by the Doofinder website, 77% of Spaniards already buy through the web, among which women and middle-aged people especially stand out: the majority are between 35 and 44 years old.

And according to Doofinder, a search engine for products and contents of online stores, there are four types of people who buy online in our country. They are clear groups: the addicts, the curious, the hunters and the unbelievers.

These Are The Four Profiles Of The Online Shopper:


They use the internet a lot, like to have an online presence and are attentive: according to the survey, ‘addicts’ to online shopping do it to see it convenient (76% think so), and fun (64%). The survey indicates that they like to receive notifications by email (46%), and manage their shopping lists using a mobile application (35%).

The curious

They are cautious when buying. Thus, they will not hesitate to ‘research’ the products and will read comments about their purchase before paying (71% would), dedicating time to it (61% of this group dedicate time).

The chicken hunters

They are attentive to a good price. Thus, the survey reveals that they believe that the best prices are obtained online (60%) and that there are more offers than in traditional stores (54%). They take advantage of emails to receive offers and to save money: 54% do so. In addition, 47% of them use price comparators.

The disbelievers

They are the most cautious: thus, this group is characterized by wanting to maintain their privacy and security. 48% are reluctant, for example, to give their credit card information. But there are other barriers. For 38%, transportation costs and for 33%, the lack of clarity on the web.

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