The best photo apps to replace your phone’s camera

The best photo apps will help you capture and edit better from the most ordinary moments to the most significant ones of your daily life. The perfect click does not always come out on the first try – sometimes everything is blurry, or the lack of light can interfere with the image quality. At these times, there is nothing wrong with looking for the help of the best mobile photo apps to do what your camera is not getting.

But the task of finding the right app for your taste can be a daunting task. After all, you will probably have to test several of them before finding the program that most appeals among the best photo apps that the App Store or Play Store separates from their lists.

With that in mind, we separated the 6 best photo apps for those looking for a more professional or even more eccentric experience in their photo sessions. Check out.

The best photo apps for you

Just like finding the best forex brokers, finding a good photo app is not an easy task, and it requires you to test a lot before choosing. First of all, not all of the apps listed here will suit your tastes and needs. Testing the photo app of your choice remains the best way to decide which one to use – or not.


According to various sources, VSCO is one of the favorite applications of digital influencers and Instagram users and has more than 130 pre-defined filters for you to explore in your photographs. Free for both Android and iOS, this photo app has its own software to replace the phone’s camera and gives a more professional and cinematic touch to your clicks. To use it, however, you need to create your own account, as it has sharing functions too, similar to Instagram or Pinterest – making it not only one of the best photo apps but also one of the most complete.

2. Huji Cam

Available for iOS and Android just like Day Trading Canada app, Huji Cam is an application that allows you to take pictures with an aesthetic “à la 1990s” that mimics the image produced by film cameras. A good way to replace your phone’s camera to give your clicks a more vintage feel.

3. Open Camera

Exclusive to Android, Open Camera allows the user to enjoy a wide range of tools to improve their photos. It makes it possible for the user, for example, to choose the format in which the image will be saved (JPEG, PNG, etc.) and it’s quality. You can also choose one of 11 ruler options to use as guides to make your photo look perfect, or take multiple photos in a row automatically.

4. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom started as a desktop editing program, but soon made its transition to smartphones. Even though it was created for professional photographers, its mobile version brings a very simple interface for more casual users, something that made it soon prove to be one of the best photo apps. The great advantage of Lightroom for cell phones, however, is its camera. In Pro mode, you can configure it according to your preferences – either by adjusting the lighting, adding filters, or placing a “level” on the grid to see if the phone is straight at the moment of clicking.

5. Camera + 2

Camera + 2 is another application exclusively for iOS devices. And, like Afterlight, it is an evolution of its original, Camera +, which has sold over 14 million copies. Its purpose is to make your iPhone’s camera more complete than the original and improve compatibility with the tools of the iOS 11 operating system. The advantage of this app compared to the others is the possibility to control almost everything on the phone’s camera, even at the speed of the shutter.

“The new version of the app will also allow you to make the most of the Portrait Mode function present in iPhones with dual cameras, such as the 7 Plus, 8 Plus, and X”, observes Maurício. However, there is a disadvantage compared to the other apps on the list: the price. Purchasing Camera + 2 means spending $10.90 on the App Store, just like the minimum amount many online trading in South Africa brokers accept.

6. MX Camera

For Android users who will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the fifth item on the list, the alternative is to use Camera MX. With very similar functions, its advantage over the previous one is the price: downloading this application will cost you nothing.

In addition to the options to optimize the quality of your photos, Camera MX also allows the creation of timelapse videos, photos that record the moments before capture, and instant filter options.

With these six of the best photo apps, your life will be much easier, whether it’s taking a perfect selfie for Instagram or when you need a professional click for your portfolio but don’t have a camera nearby.

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