Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid in 2021

It doesn’t really matter if you run an online store, online casino like goldenriviera online casino, or cooking website, black hat SEO will hurt your site’s rankings. While a lot of people might think that this is the quickest way to get ranked, it may actually do more harm than good.

A lot of these blackhat SEO methods used to work. However, over the years, Google has changed its algorithm, which keeps on changing by the way. Because of that, what used to work then doesn’t work anymore and black hat tricks will just get your website penalized.

Below, we focus on the black hat SEO techniques to avoid. Make sure you take note so as to keep your site safe.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords play a very important role in a site’s performance. However, you will need to be really careful with them. This is because stuffing your content with keywords will not make your website rank. Instead, it hurts the page as it might become unreadable, which leads to a penalty. Right now, keyword stuffing is actually against ranking guidelines and will get your site penalized.

Duplicate Content

No matter what you do, you should make sure that you stay away from duplicating content. That means you should never copy anyone’s content, no matter how good it is. The moment that Google realizes that you have plagiarised content, you will be deindexed, which hurts your rankings badly.

If you find a piece of content that you would like to share, make sure that after you add it to your site, you always include a link back to the original site. Just like many best usa real money online casino sites, they do reference back to the original sources to avoid plagiasrism.


We know you have encountered situations where you have been attracted by a title or a thumbnail, then you clicked on it to read more, only to find out that the title/thumbnail doesn’t have anything to do with what’s in the content.

The thing with these posts is that they get so many people to click on them and visit the site, which adds traffic. However, this is very deceptive and is a penalize-able offense.

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