How to Increase Your Website Traffic: 10 Good Ideas to Achieve It

I offer you a list of 10 good ideas to increase the number of visitors to your online projects. In the end, you will see how you are better known on the Internet, you position better in Google and your traffic increases, making your website much more profitable.

We have no doubt that any website that is monetized with advertising or that is of the online store type needs to generate traffic to be profitable. If you dedicate yourself to electronic commerce, if you sell affiliate products or simply your job is to post content, if or if you have to generate visits and achieve conversion to earn money.

With the ideas that I share with you, you will be able to make your current users return to your blog, again and again, receive referral traffic from other websites and be read by many people who did not know your work before. The end result will be a better online presence, being much better known in the blogosphere and better ranked in search engines 🙂

Recommendations To Increase Your Visits To Your Blog or Website In A Short Time

Without more to say, here are the tips and good ideas that we offer you to write posts that will help you considerably increase the visits to your website and in a short time:

1- Series of posts: write a series of publications on topics of particular importance to your audience. You can adapt this technique on a weekly or monthly basis. The goal is to keep your readers coming back to read those posts over and over again.

2- Interview with a renowned or well-known blogger: reporting on someone highly admired by your readers will increase the number of visits. Or you can ask the same question to several famous bloggers and then publish different answers, even drawing conclusions about them.

3- Contests, sweepstakes or prizes: readers love to receive a gift or prize. Much better if it is related to the theme of your site. You could also give away small details with your blog logo, such as key rings, shirts, mugs, etc.

4- Comment on some unique or very precious information: if you know any extremely interesting tool or service or have a solution, share it even if you think you are disclosing part of your secrets. This type of information is highly appreciated by your readers. In other words, it is about adding value to those who read you.

5- Find new ideas to develop interesting posts on social networks or in forums: in these sites, you can find real pearls, and then create excellent posts for your audience. Or find the twist on a very important topic.

6- Collecting tips or tips also usually pays off: bloggers love tips or guides, for example, if they are new and see a headline like this: ” How to position a new blog .” This is also a way to get extra visits. Do not forget!

7- Join the controversy of the moment: among the 10 ways to generate traffic that I share with you is my favourite! If a very hot or controversial debate or issue is taking place in the blogosphere, take the opportunity to comment on what it is about, what positions exist and to give your opinion.

8- Create the controversy yourself: I know a blogger who at the end of 2014 and during 2015 became known among the participants in multilevel businesses with this technique. He always created controversy by denouncing (even being the first to do so) alleged pyramid schemes.

Although he earned very bad comments and even threats from affiliates, in the end, time proved him right, all those alleged MLMs turned out to be a fraud. The point is that I received a lot of traffic and links from social networks, forums, other blogs, etc. Yes, that was a great idea to grow your traffic!

9- Use famous characters or stories to illustrate your posts: associate your article with a famous event, a celebrity or a children’s story. For example: How would Spider-Man improve his web positioning? Why would Sleeping Beauty use Linux and not Windows? In this type of text, the correct choice of the title is very important.

10- Invite other bloggers to participate in yours or participate in other sites: this is another great idea, since inviting other authors or writing as a guest blogger can increase your blog traffic. In other words, in either of the two ways, people who did not know you will know of your existence.

These are some ideas that, if combined and put into practice, can increase visits to our blog. What other advice would you add to the list? Did you try any of them? Do you have any other ideas to grow web traffic?

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